Natural Acne Treatments You Can Try At Home

When you are dealing with acne outbreaks, you know that finding the right treatment method for your skin can often be difficult and pricey. After all, buying cleanser after cleanser and different acne creams, moisturizers, and the like can add up quickly. Additionally, you may worry about the effects placing so many chemicals on your skin may have in the long run. Luckily, there are many natural acne treatments that you can try, using basic household products that you likely already have on hand. Read More 

How to Plan An Affordable Yet Respectful Funeral

Planning a funeral is a stressful thing to do—especially since it always comes at an unexpected time. You want to be respectful, but you don't want to spend unnecessary money on funeral expenses. According to National Funeral Directors Association, the average funeral in the United States costs around $7,045. However, there are many things you can do to keep the cost of your friend or family member's end of life ceremony from breaking the budget. Read More 

Is Your Princess Toe Making You Feel Anything But Royal?

Toes comes in a variety of sizes, and everyone's feet and toes differ. If you have a second toe that is longer than your big toe, it is most likely a hereditary trait and no cause for concern. When the second toe is longer, it is sometimes calledprincess toe. However, there are people who don't feel like royalty when wearing sandals or if the long toes begins to cause foot problems. If you are unhappy with a long second toe, you can have surgery to shorten it. Read More 

3 Health Benefits From Getting A Massage

Getting a massage is wonderful for many reasons. Some people even choose to get them weekly because of the many benefits. Whether you are getting a massage regularly, or only for special occasions, you can expect some great results. Here are some of the health benefits from getting a massage. 1. Improved Lymphatic Functioning One of the best benefits to getting a massage is that it boosts your lymphatic system. Your lymphatic system is the part of your body that helps to circulate fluid throughout the body. Read More